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Solution / In-home Care (Domiciliary Care)

The digital tool for in-home care

Enable your team to spend more of helping those in your care, supporting their family and friends, and less time performing repetitive administrative tasks.

Flocare helps carers in domiciliary care organsiations


Flocare cuts the time it takes to report significantly by tailoring your appointment logs and reports to the support you are providing. With our Observation and eMAR features for every individual, you will be able to efficiently keep track of every interaction with those entrusted to your care.

Never miss an visit

Our built-in calendar will prompt you and send alerts to prevent anything from being missed. With a system for check-in and check-out, reminders for drug administration, and a simple follow-up action feature on all observations, you can quickly schedule future appointments before your current one ends.

Connected on the go

Flocare’s flexible design and interface makes it incredibly portable. There’s no need for clunky folders and clipboards with reams of paper when you are fully digital. All the information you need for your client is at your fingertips. Flocare works well on tablets and mobiles, ensuring that you can stay connected on the go.

Smooth Handovers

Thanks to all data being stored securely on the cloud the specified staff member can access all the information they require precisely when they need it. This combined with the ease of reporting and clear, attractive design makes information quick to relay and to digest.

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