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Feature / Reports and Audits

Professional reports and audit generation for greater insights.

Retrieve the data you need quickly and simply, for full oversight

Targeted audits

Thanks to the ease of adding interactions and information to Flocare, each and every action is logged, meaning you will be able to observe precisely what each caregiver does and when, helping build a clear picture of how and where time is spent or areas in which services could be improved.

You can use this to create audits and see every activity logged by a specific caregiver or against a care receiver.

Gain key insights with reports

Oversight is important for understanding the wins and challenges facing your organisation. Our reporting feature allows you to extract information from your Flocare system. This can give you either an overview of your organisation as a whole or the chance to look in greater detail at a particular care receiver's needs, or a carer's performance.

Customised Reports

Our technology can help you to create customised reports. This feature allows you to save your settings and filters in order to run the same report at a later date. In this way, you can track changes over time. This could be in order to see if a new treatment or session is working positively, or it could help you gauge how many contact hours a specific care receiver has received.

Reports and Audits Benefits

Flexible date comparison

Control date settings to compare and track specific progress or changes between significant times.

Time-saving templates

Save filters and settings in order to create consistent templates for ongoing reporting.

Detailed audit trails

Drill into the detail to understand any issues, find answers and gain important insights through auditing.

Clean report formatting

Easily view, assimilate and export data and insights through our simple and clear reporting format.

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