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Feature / Observations

Easily record client observations, interactions and activities

Create quick digital entries of interactions with those in your care.

Image of observations within Flocare – Digital Care Management Software
Image showing people interactions within Flocare observations

Record your Interactions

Build a comprehensive record of all your service user's interactions with every individual with our Observations feature. Our interface with pre-determined observation types will make adding interactions quick, simple and agile.

Types of Observations

Different observations can be recorded with ease and flexibility thanks to our feature offering a number of different types of observations.

Observe the mental health state of your clients within Flocare

Monitor mental health

Rate the mood of those you are supporting on a scale of 1-5 in order to measure changes and patterns in their mental state.

Height / Weight Observations Image

Medical obs and measurements

Select and complete specific fields as required, such as height and weight entries, blood pressure or blood sugar readings.

General Observations Image

Anything else you want to record

Add any comments that you feel are important for subsequent carers to know or you may need reminding of on your next visit.

As well as many many more. Each observation has specific links to other areas and bespoke entry fields to make input fast and straightforward.

Planning next steps with follow-up tasks

All observations have the option to add a follow-up task where specific actions are required, based on anything that has come to light through the observation.

For instance...

You visit a vulnerable young adult in order to help them get dressed and cook breakfast.

You make an observation that their mood is very low.

They tell you they are missing their family and don’t know when they will next see them, so you record this as a typed note to explain your observation of their mood.

A follow-up task is set against your observation, to find out when a family member is next able to visit and to inform your young person with that information.

Observation Benefits

Flexible access

Access Flocare from desktops or smart devices, so you can capture important details immediately.

Efficient input

Receive reporting cues for each selected observation type, with intuitive and concise data input.

Integrated follow-up tasks

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by logging additional actions as client issues develop.

Track progress easily

Build a clear and comprehensive picture of each individual's progress with integrated reporting.

Ready to transform your organisation with Flocare?

We’d love to understand your organisation, team and your clients to see how you can make the most of Flocare’s benefits.