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Time-saving, collaboration-enhancing features

Flocare provides you with all the tools you need to spend less time on admin and more with those in your care

Flocare's features help you and your team deliver outstanding care

So much time can be lost to administrations which could be put towards more hands-on care.

Flocare can help you save time, allow you to incorporate admin into the work you love most and strip out unnecessary repetition which can be solved through digital solutions.

Icon for Observations


Create quick digital entries of interactions with those in your care.

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Icon for Task management

Task management

Effectively manage your workflow and keep caring your top priority.

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Icon for Appointments and events

Appointments and events

Manage events and appointments easily and comprehensively.

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Icon for eMAR support

eMAR support

Stay up to date and on track through progress reports for care receivers.

Icon for Incident management

Incident management

Make sure incidents get the immediate attention they need.

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Icon for Reports and audits

Reports and audits

Professional reports and audit generation for greater insights.

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Icon for Client progress report

Client progress report

Stay up to date and on track through progress reports for care receivers.

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Icon for Lone working

Lone working

Protect your team and give them peace of mind with lone working check-ins.

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Icon for Client onboarding

Client onboarding

Effective, streamlined client onboarding for a great first impression.

Icon for Multisite


Share and retrieve records from across your multisite locations.

Icon for Directory


Compile all your useful contacts in one central and secure directory.

Icon for Client activity feed

Client activity feed

View a complete timeline of all the interactions, observations, appointments a client has.

Icon for Team member dashboard

Team member dashboard

Each team member’s dashboard shows information and clients relevant to their role.

Icon for Team member daily agenda

Team member daily agenda

Each team member can easily see what they’ve got scheduled for the day on their dashboard.

Icon for Client support levels

Client support levels

Categorise your clients where you provide different levels of care or support.

Icon for Powerful search

Powerful search

Quickly find the information you need through the easily accessible search feature.

Icon for Client designation

Client designation

Flag a client as high risk or based on the level of dependency they require.

Icon for Client daily agenda

Client daily agenda

Easily see what’s on each client’s schedule for the day ahead.

Icon for Client contacts

Client contacts

Add relevant contacts for clients including primary carers, doctors and family members.

Icon for Rich client profile

Rich client profile

Add in client profile image to easily view clients at a glance within Flocare.

Icon for Physical health notes

Physical health notes

Separately to eMAR, add health notes such as vaccinations, and other important information.

Icon for Client accommodation

Client accommodation

Link a client to a particular site or room to provide comprehensive occupancy information.

Icon for Quick-add observation

Quick-add observation

Helpful for care teams on-the-go, quickly and easliy add an observation to a client’s feed.

Icon for Client live status

Client live status

Easily see if a client is currently attending an appointment or event through live status tags.

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Icon for New client highlight

New client highlight

Conveniently see if a client is new to the organisation through a new client tag.

Icon for Site switcher

Site switcher

For those operating across multiple sites, quickly switch between those sites.

Icon for Move client

Move client

Easily move a client to a different site on Flocare where they have done so in person.

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