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Feature / Task Management

Powerful, simple to use task management

Effectively manage your workflow and keep caring your top priority

Image of task management within Flocare – Digital Care Management Software

Manage your tasks quickly and easily

Having an effective way to manage your workflow is vital for completing tasks in an organised and timely manner. Flocare lets you see all of your own tasks whether they’re assigned to your client, related to a specific project, or part of a particular incident.

Types of Tasks

Flocare’s task manager breaks your tasks down into three different types

Personal Tasks

Tasks which are purely created for you personally and so are not linked to other people, projects or incidents. This means they are purely for you to see and complete.

Associated Tasks

Where the task is directly linked to an associated person, project or incident. For example, a follow-up task against a client or a task to file a safeguarding report for a specific project.

Medical Tasks

Tasks which may require greater levels of sensitivity and security relating to a client’s health situation. For example, requiring carers to administer medication for a client.

Reduce task creation through Task List Templates

Task list templates are premade lists of tasks which are routinely needed to be performed when a specific event or action is triggered within your platform. They are great for frequently performed, multi-step processes, where every task has to be completed in order to ensure complete records or safeguarding standards are met.

For instance...

There are a number of tasks which you need to be performed each time a new person is signed up to your organisation for your support.

Flocare can create a task list of all the tasks needed to ‘onboard’ a new person in care when they are added to the Flocare system and assign it to the relevant event.

Whenever you ‘onboard’ a new client, Flocare will automatically generate and assign this predetermined list against the new profile ready to be completed.

Task Management Benefits

Assign and organise

Stay on top of what needs to be done. Assign and filter tasks for full oversight and management.

Task list templates

Reduce repetitive task creation for frequently performed, multi-step processes with pre-made templates.

Prioritising and due dates

Prioritise the most pressing tasks by specifying a task’s priority level and setting task deadlines.

Integrated follow-up tasks

Link follow-up tasks to observations, appointments and other feed items to create a complete activity log.

Ready to transform your organisation with Flocare?

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