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Feature / Progress Report for Care Receivers

Stay up to date and on track through progress reports for care receivers

Map every individual's progress through measurable actions

Celegrating every achievement

It’s so rewarding to see those in your care grow in confidence and experience new things. Whilst many care receivers do unfortunately require greater levels of care progressively due to age or illness, there are many who, with the right support can take steps towards greater independence. Flocare helps you to plan clear pathways where you can quickly record or read each individual's progress.

Client progress reporting in Flocare

Flocare currently has two types of reports available for progress tracking:

Progress Plan Report

Progress Plan shows you the change in progress for a Client between two data points, building up a large-scale picture of each individual's progress over their time with you, or since key changes. You can then drill down into each outcome and topic.

Progress Measure Change

This report type will only show specific metrics that have changed between two dates and whether the change was positive or negative. This helps you to focus immediately on the positives and negatives, rather than wading through data.

See their progress at a glance

Thanks to Flocare’s simple scoring system, progress and improvements are shown clearly through numeric scores and visually through a traffic light system. You are able to show current progress through the plan by seeing the total available points across each outcome, topic and measure and how close to this score each individual is getting.

For instance...

With your care receiver, you set a goal for them to live completely independently.

To demonstrate their capability, they need to complete a series of outcomes in areas such as personal safety or managing budgets.

Each outcome area is associated with various topics. Personal safety may include safety at home, safety online, and safety within the community.

Under each topic are a number of measures against which your care receiver is rated from one to three; where low scores denote limited ability and higher scores increasing competence.

Client Progress Reports Benefits

Track progress over time

Build up a picture of an individual’s overall progress or any key changes by tracking between set dates.

Clear intuitive design

Simplify handovers and update yourself quickly with our at-a-glance client progress displays.

Measure any changes

Selectively create progress reports that only include a positive or negative change to save time.

Celebrate the wins

Progress pathways help create clear goals and targets which allow you to track every accomplishment.

Ready to transform your organisation with Flocare?

We’d love to understand your organisation, team and your clients to see how you can make the most of Flocare’s benefits.