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Feature / Incident Management

Resolve issues well with incident management

Make sure incidents get the immediate attention they need

Highlight and resolve issues quickly

When you work with people it’s inevitable that the unexpected can happen. You can’t always plan for every incident, but you can have systems in place in order to handle incidents quickly and safely.

Solve problems and flag concerns

Our incident management feature is built to cover a range of eventualities. Whether you need to grab the attention of your colleagues or galvanise support to help solve a problem. Send alerts straight to your colleagues’ dashboards and notify them directly.

One central record for clear communication

Log any incident involving one or more of your care receivers. Once this incident is created, all relevant tasks and interactions can be logged against this rather than on a specific care receivers page. This means it has more flexible applications, where more than one individual has an issue, or for more generalised complaints against a property as a whole.

Good resolution with clear steps

Make sure all tasks attached to a specific incident are completed fully to make sure that nothing gets missed out or forgotten and that any follow-up actions are completed. Once the issue or concern has been fully addressed you can simply mark the incident as resolved to remove it from your dashboard.

Incident Management Benefits

Distinct dashboard alerts

Raise the alarm quickly with eye-catching alerts appearing on Flocare's central dashboard.

Record against incidents

Keep one central record for each incident, creating organisational clarity when reviewing logged issues.

Link to specific clients

Link to single or multiple clients ensures that follow-up care or actions for individuals can be taken.

Archive resolved incidents

Keep Flocare free from clutter and maintain focus by simply and easily archiving resolved incidents.

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