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Feature / Appointments and Events

Schedule, view and keep appointments and events

Manage events and appointments easily and comprehensively

Image of event management within Flocare – Digital Care Management Software

Planning appointments and events

A feature of supporting individuals in their everyday lives is that you may have to help them organise necessary appointments. You may also be responsible for assisting them to attend events which can enrich their lives or give them greater confidence. Flocare makes booking and viewing appointments or events simple and easy.

Meet requirements for every appointment

Different events or appointments may require specific paperwork or information to be logged depending on the type of event or appointment.

Forms and information requests

It may be that you have to fill out specific permission forms and risk assessments for example. You can also send invites to other carers, or request information from other agencies.

Tasks generated automatically

Flocare allows different activity types to be specified, which trigger predefined requirements to be included for the activity. This cuts down on generating tasks but also serves as a reminder to fulfil these requirements in time.

Log outcomes and trigger follow-ups

Keep all the information about each event or appointment in one place alongside all the relevant information and notes you may need to reconcile any issues or actions raised by the appointment. Generate follow-up tasks or make notes you may need to refer to later.

This helps you to stay organised and keeps all relevant parties informed of key details or ongoing work which needs to be completed by either you or other team members.

Appointment and Event Benefits

Save time with repeated appointments

Create repeatable appointments to cut down on admin time.

Outcome requirements

Capture outcomes from events to keep your team up-to-date and ensure loops are closed.

Powerful calendar filters

Use time-saving filters to search for events against team members, clients or specific locations.

Integrated follow-up tasks

Stay up-to-date and keep continuity by assigning follow-up tasks linked to an event or appointment.

Ready to transform your organisation with Flocare?

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